Mason-Dixon Beer Tour: July 1 - July 4 or July 1 - July 2


Mason-Dixon Beer Tour: July 1 - July 4 or July 1 - July 2

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This 4th of July, we're declaring our Independence from the metro with a four-day tour of Maryland and Pennsylvania breweries and brewpubs!

We spend four days and three nights sampling the best craft and traditional beers in two states. Whether you prefer a refreshing summer wheat or a malty IPA, you will enjoy this break from the DMV that will renew your love of the U.S. of A.


It should not be a surprise that a country whose national anthem is sung to the tune of a men's drinking song would be littered with breweries and brewpubs. On this tour, we'll sample just a select number within 150 miles of Washington.  In all, we plan to cover four breweries, five brewpubs, and one additional pub specializing in craft beers (exact numbers subject to change).

And for our friends who have to work on Monday, July 3rd, we are offering an abbreviated option that will get you back to DC Sunday evening.

Included in the packages offered by Torque Tours:

  • Shared shuttle service from Rockville to and between our destination breweries and pubs in Maryland and Pennsylvania
  • Continental breakfast each morning during the trip at our hotels
  • One buffet lunch
  • A guided bar crawl in York, Pennsylvania, featuring three independent brew pubs and one bar specializing in craft beer
  • At least one brewery tour (likely two tours, still confirming)
  • One night in a hotel within walking distance of a brewpub
  • Designated driver service
  • Complementary charcoal tablets

Included in only the four-day package offered by Torque Tours:

  • A Fourth of July lunch
  • Two additional brewery tours
  • Two additional nights in hotels
  • A very sweet, but not beer-related factory tour

Simple Itinerary (Subject to change; all activities except shuttle service  are optional)

Saturday - Two brewery tours in 6 hours
We will depart Rockville at 11:00 am. Please do not arrive late. We anticipate arriving at Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick around 12:30 pm for brewery tour #1. Following the tour and tasting, we will stop for a buffet lunch locally before moving on to Chambersburg for brewery tour #2 and brewpub #1. Our hotel will be within crawling distance of the brewpub.

Sunday - The brewpub crawl
After a continental breakfast at our hotel, we depart Chambersburg by bus. If you are not hung over, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Adams County, Pennsylvania from outside your window. And if you are hung over, you can take advantage of the complementary charcoal tablets offered on this trip. We will arrive in York around 12:30 pm and begin our 6-hour brewpub crawl through the White Rose City to patronize brewpubs #2, #3, and #4. Afterwards, people on the two day package will depart on their return trip to Rockville, while those on the four-day package will take a shuttle to Pottsville.

Monday - America's Oldest Brewery
Wake up to another continental breakfast and a complementary newspaper at our hotel in Pottsville. From our hotel, we'll walk to D.G. Yuengling & Son's brewery and museum for a tour of America's oldest brewery, brewery tour #3. After breaking for lunch in downtown Pottsville, we will regroup in front of the hotel to board the shuttle to brewpub #5, Als of Hampden, which is connected to the Pizza Boy Brewing Co. This brewpub has over 100 beers on tap. We will stick around for the dinner hour before taking our shuttle to our hotel in the evening.

Tuesday - The sweetest place on Earth
After breakfast, the tour will move on to Hershey for brewery tour #4. Once the tour and tasting is complete, we'll share a group lunch (included in the price of the four-day tour) and then enjoy a quick tour of Hershey's Chocolate World. We anticipate returning to Rockville around 3:00 pm, providing plenty of time to find a good spot for viewing local fireworks.



Are there ID or minimum age requirements for this trip?

Due to the nature of activities planned for this tour, this trip is limited to adults age 21 and up. You will be required to provide photo ID with a birthdate upon check-in.


What's the refund policy?

Refund requests expressed to Torque Travel before 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, May 13th will be granted in full. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your refund.

If you wish to exchange your reservation for this event for another Torque organized tour of equal or lesser value, you must make your request before 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, June 24th. Exchanges are subject to availability.

After 12:00 noon on June 24th, all sales for this trip are considered final. Missing the shuttle's departure is not considered a cause for a refund.

Any registrant that lists an age that fails to meet the minimum age requirement (21 years) will be notified and receive a refund. Registrants unable to prove their age during the initial ID check will not receive a refund.

Each tour package may be canceled if fewer than two registrations of that specific tour package (either two-day or four-day) are booked before 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, June 24. In the event of a cancellation, notifications and refunds will be issued automatically. Shuttle services and all other benefits will be canceled when refunds are issued.

If Torque Travel LLC cancels the trip for any reason, full refunds will be automatically issued.


Is it alright if the name on my registration doesn't match the person who attends?

You are not required to attend under the name with which your registered. However, you must notify us of any changes in advance by sending us a message at If you transfer your registration to another person, that person must meet the minimum age and ID requirement.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

All registrants will have space to sleep in the hotel rooms. The specifics of sleeping arrangements will depend upon the exact number of people booked for the trip, but everyone should be prepared to potentially share a bed. All beds will be at least the size of a double bed. All shared beds on the two-day package will be at least the size of a queen bed.


Is there any way I can guarantee a bed or room to myself?

If you want to guarantee a single bed or room to yourself, you will need to purchase a single supplement. Please send an email to describing your request for a single supplement. Single beds and rooms may not always be available and prices of the single supplement increase as more are sold, so it is advantageous to make your request as early as possible. 


Where is the meeting location?

We will meet at CremCafe in Rockville Town Center, a short walk from the Rockville Metro Station.


Can I drive myself?

No. The nature of activities planned for this tour require you to take advantage of our designated driver service.


Which meals are included?

Lunch – A buffet lunch is included in this package.
Dinner -  You are expected to purchase your own dinner in Chambersburg. Both the brewery and brewpub sell food at their establishments. There is also a pizzeria and a 24-hour fast food establishment one block from our hotel. ($)

Breakfast – A continental breakfast is provided by our hotel.
Lunch – You are expected to schedule your own lunch during the brewpub crawl. ($)
Dinner - You are expected to schedule your own dinner during the brewpub crawl. Additionally, the four-day tour will make a short rest stop on the way to Pottsville and the two-day tour will make a brief rest stop on the way back to Washington. ($)

Breakfast – A continental breakfast is provided by our hotel.
Lunch – You are expected to organize your own lunch in downtown Pottsville. ($)
Dinner - Food will be available for sale at Als of Hampden. ($)

Breakfast – A continental breakfast is provided by our hotel.
Lunch – A group lunch is included in this package.


I already purchased a four day package for this tour but would like to downgrade to the two day package. Can I do that?

Downgrades of this tour are treated as cancellations or exchanges. You may downgrade by cancelling your four day package and booking a two day package before 12:00 noon on Saturday, May 13th. In this instance, you will receive a full refund for the four day package within 3-5 business days.

After 12:00 noon on Saturday, May 13th, downgrades will be treated as exchanges. You may downgrade by sending an email to detailing your request before 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 24th. You are not entitled to a refund of the price difference, but you may apply the difference to the booking of another Torque Tour.

Downgrade requests will not be accepted after 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 24th.


I already purchased a two day package for trip but would like to upgrade to the four day package. Can I do that?

You may upgrade from the two day to the four day package by sending an email to You will be asked to purchase a four day package online for full price, after which you will receive a refund for the two day package within 3-5 business days. Upgrade requests must be made before 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 24th and are subject to availability.

Upgrade requests will not be accepted after 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 24th.


I have other questions not answered here.

You should review the terms of service on the payment page before making any payment. Otherwise, please relay any questions to or tweet us at @TorqueTravel.

Summary Details

Minimum Age: 21
Lodging: Hotels (1.5 to 3 stars)
Maximum Tour Size Days 1 & 2: 20 people including your tour leader(s) 
Maximum Tour Size Days 3 & 4: 12 people including your tour leader(s) 
Meeting Point: 

199 E Montgomery Ave
Rockville, MD 20850


Metro Accessible: Rockville Station

Departure Time: 11:00 am on Saturday, July 1st, 2017
Anticipated Return Time Two Days Package: 8:30 pm on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
Anticipated Return Time Four Days Package: 3:00 pm on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Meal Plan Two Days: Breakfast included; one lunch included
Meal Plan Four Days: Breakfast included; two lunches included

Exchange policy: Full refund if requested by 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, May 13th, 2017.
Exchanges accepted if requested by 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

Sales close: 12:00 noon EDT on Monday, June 26th, 2017, or when Torque Travel determines the tour to have sold out, or if registration by 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 does not exceed one (1) person for a specfied package.